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Indigo supply the complete range of Swann Morton products, many available for Next-Day Delivery. We specialise in being the cheapest in the UK and supply many trade outlets and bulk buying customers

Whether you buy the popular Number 3 or 4 Handles of any of the blades including Numbers 6, 9, 10, 10A, 11, 11P, 12, 14, 15, 15A, 15C, 15T, 16, 12D, E/11 or E11 we are your best choice

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Swann Morton Scalpel Blades and Handles

It is our utmost pleasure to introduce Swann Morton Surgical and Non Surgical Scalpel Blades and handles to you. We are one of the largest UK suppliers and distributors of all Swann Morton Scalpel blades and handles and have been servicing the surgical needs of thousands of medical practitioners in the UK for over 20 years as well as the Art and Crafts, Printers, Sign Makers, Hobbyists and many more!

We are leading professionals in the supply of these high quality branded products to a wide range of healthcare professional in varieties of medical fields including G.Ps, Nurses and Paramedics, along with practitioners in relative fields of Dentistry, Podiatry and Veterinary. Our consistent delivery of quality products that promises reliability, and precision, have made us a favourite among many of the world’s surgeons.

Each one of our products supplied have brilliantly passed the required healthcare compliance/standards for medical equipment manufacturing in all respective ramifications including the EU directive 2010/32/EU. We have also successfully instilled in our regular customers, a firm belief in the credibility of our services and currently enjoy a plethora of 5-star ratings from the numerous customer reviews and testimonials available on our website.

We supply a wide variety of scalpel blades and handles consisting of about 70 individual surgical blade shapes and 30 different surgical handles to over 100 countries around the world and we are well renowned for our quality service delivery and superior customer service and support system.

We are based in Wickford, Essex, UK and our sales team is awating your call to discsuss your requirements on 01268 768 768

We stock the complete range of Swann Morton scalpel blades and handles. They are available in ta massive range of shapes and at the lowest prices on the market. The whole range of Swann Morton Scalpel Blades and Handles we currently have in stock include but are not limited to:

·       Swann Morton Non Sterile Surgical Blades and Handles – No 3 fitment

·       Swann Morton Non Sterile Surgical Blades and Handles – No 4 fitment 
·       Swann Morton Non Sterile Surgical Blades, 6, 9, 10, 10A, 11, 11P, 12, 14, 15, 15A, 15C, 15T, 16, 12D, E/11, E11   

·       Swann Morton Retractaway (supports and enhances safe passing protocols and procedures already practiced within the operating room and theatre)

·       Swann Morton Taster and Selection

·       Post Mortem {Including: The PM40, PM Scalpel, PM22B Blade, PM40B, PM40H, PM40SS, PM60 (also known as the PM70B in the US), PM60B, and PM8}

·       Cygnetic (Ideal for use within rigorous Orthopedic and General surgical procedures. Available in stainless steel blade shapes, including: The CYG Handle, CYG 10, CYG 11, CYG 15, and CYG 20)

·       Swann Morton Non Sterile Disposable Scalpels

·       Swann Morton Handle Sets

·       Swann Morton Cygnetic Range

·       Swann Morton Sterile Surgical Blades and Handles – No 3 fitment

·       Swann Morton Sterile Surgical Blades and Handles – No 4 fitment

·       Qlicksmart Blade Removal System

·       Qlicksmart Safety Solutions (Including: the non-sterile BladeFLASK and sterile BladeCASSETTE, BladeSINGLE and BladeneedleSYSTEM)

·       Specialist (Including: The sterile stainless Cervical Biposy blade, The sterile stainless Myringotomy blade, PD Handle, PD81 stainless steel blades, and the PD82 stainless steel blades)

·       Swann Morton Fine Blades and Handles (Including: The SF1, SF13, SF2, SF23, SF3, SF4, SM61, SM62, SM63, SM64, SM65, SM65A, SM67, SM68, SM69, SP90, and the SP91)

·       Swann Morton PM Blades and Handles

·       Swann Morton Sterile Disposable Scalpels

·       KLEEN Blade Management System (Including: The No.10 KLEEN BMS, No.11 KLEEN BMS, No.11P KLEEN BMS, No.15 KLEEN BMS, No.15T KLEEN BMS, No.20 KLEEN BMS, No.21 KLEEN BMS, No.22 KLEEN BMS, No.23 KLEEN BMS, No.24 KLEEN BMS)

·       Swann Morton SM Blades and Handles

·       Stainless Steel Blades

·       Swann Morton Skin Graft Blades {Including: The 158 mm Skin Graft Blades, The Dermatome range, Handles (available in 3 different models - the Braithwaite, Cobbett and Watson), The sterile SG3 minor skin graft blade, SGD Double edged Stainless Steel Sterile blades, SGD double edged sterile disposable scalpels, Silvers Blade, Silvers Handle, and the Silvers S/S}

·       Swann Morton Minor Disposables

·       SnapIT Ampoule opener

·       Swann Morton Supatool Blades and Handles

·       Swann Morton Trimaway Ranges

·       Swann Morton Craft Tool Blades and Handles

·       Swann Morton ACM Blades and Handles

·       Swann Morton Clearance

·       Jewel Snap Off Blades

·       Swann Morton Stitch Cutters (Including: The Long Stitch Cutter, The Stainless Steel Sterile "midi" Stitch Cutter, The Stainless Steel No.3 fitment or 'baby' Stitch Cutter, The Safety Stitch, and The Standard Stitch)

·       Swann Morton Major Blades and Handles (Including: The Handle Major L, Handle Major S, Major S, Major U, Major V, Major X, Major Y, and Major Z)

·       Swann Morton PD Blades and Handles

·       Swann Morton Industrial Knife and Blade

·       Swann Morton Blade Removers {also comes with the Blade Remover Unit (BRU) with up to 100 blades. It allows for the safe and easy removal of all sizes of scalpel blade from both No. 3 and No. 4 handles. It can also be easily retrieved with gloved hands when accidentally dropped on the theatre floor}

·       Industrial Blade Strip

·       Clicker Blades

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